Diary Post

I have to let it go

Sometimes when we feel things are going well, we begin to feel greedy. As a blogger in these two years I feel that I have credited a lot, somehow I finally appreciate my photographs, and I thought that there was a lot improvement in decoration. Unfortunately, those are the moments when with the invitations, and the flattery we feel like Gods, so when we suddenly open our eyes and see that it did not matter to work the likes, the followers, the graphics, the details, because I thought that I would open great doors, it is yesterday that I realized that I can say a lot of something and strive with all my heart and desire, but not always “everything you feel that you do for others, is seen from the outside”. I have been rejected so many times, and I got up and I just said “and that, they miss it, I will work harder”, however today I ask myself-the harder !? how much is it worth ?! someone will notice ?!
Yesterday I realized that I look forward to a place a place for a great brand, and people with half the photos that I, half of followers that I, half of decorations that I achieved what I in two years I have killed for working, while I only received one – we feel many but given the number of applications we can not choose to be part of this group -. I’m just wondering if the person who sent me that message at least noticed my work, if he was able to at least see one or two photos, if he noticed that I fit everything in alphabetical order, that I give credit to everything I buy. I know that many times we do not have a profile for certain sponsors, and I am also aware when some of my work does not fit, but I do not understand when I really felt that they were looking at me, because they did not see me … I know I have to let it go, that in 5 years it will not matter, and that I will also work hard, but for a while something did not break my heart …
I do not like getting into trouble I just had to get it out of my system, because it really is something that anguishes me a lot … And many will tell me, and they have told me, but -Loly you have the best sponsors, you have what many dream about- And IT’S TRUE, I think that’s why it hurts so much, for greedy …

I have to let it go...

Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

Head CATWA HEAD Catya Bento

Skin Head Glam Affair Catwa Applier – Mona ( America ) 3

Nails LIVIA Black Matte Glitter [Ballerina MED Nails]@MKP

Tattoo White~Widow Vice – White @Kinky

Outfit Scandalize Teila +Dress+Coat+Boots@Collabor88 NEW!!!(Options Mesh:Top-Dress-Coat. Option colors: 22 solid, 22 pattern (coat) and 20 extra only fatpack. Multiple combinations!!BOOTS: Option colors: 22 solid and 20 extra colors only fatpack.)

Hairbase Tableau Vivant Bag Girls and boys Catwa hairbase 3  @The Epiphany New!!!(opens the 15th January)

Hair Tableau Vivant Bad Girl #2 @The Epiphany– New!!!(opens the 15th January)

Pose Foxcity Standing at the stairs

Building Architect. Vanderbilt Brownstone Studio [Left/Right] (at the store)


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