Diary Post

Winter park

Sometimes doing something different can be fun, and the truth is that even though it took me a few hours I could finally put together a beautiful winter park to take pictures! Actually I had to make a little place in the land but after moving and accommodate a couple of rocks so this spot has been, the truth I invite all those who wish to take a picture here feel free to send IM and come to enjoy it, I’ll leave it for a couple of days for me to also take advantage of it. (It’s not worth taking pictures for Astralia’s own blog, I hope they do not take it badly, but it took me a while to put it together and it would not be fair, but if they are fashion photos or friends I have no problem)

Winter park!

Winter park!!

Astralia *Astralia – Snow fun gacha set* @The Epiphany
Astralia – Snow fun (fireplace up to 4 avatars)
Astralia – Snow Fun (snowy cabin) pink
Astralia – Snow Fun (snowy sled) pink
Astralia – Snow Fun (Welcome snowy sign)
Astralia – Snow Fun (snow mound with rocks and trees)
Astralia – Snow Fun (warning sign)
Astralia – Snow Fun (Pink Sled Station) RARE
Astralia – Snow Fun (snow sign)
Astralia – Snow fun (Sledding pg) pink
Astralia – Snow Fun Sleds derezzer
Astralia – Snow Fun (caution sign)
Astralia – Snow fun (fireplace up to 4 avatars) 

Serenity Style`s Military 4×4 Gatcha @Man Cave (Avaible to ride. Gacha Key Here)

TLC Home (Pieces from the “Husky Outpost” set which includes the individual woofers & puppers and a decorated scene)
Outpost Scene without dogs 
Husky Adult [Laying] 
Husky Adult [Standing] no Breath
Husky Puppy [Pulling] 
Husky Puppy [Standing] 
Husky Puppy [Sitting] 

Winter park!!!.jpg

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