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Don`t judge me…

We live in a virtual world where the imagination has no limits, we can use it as we want and create the most wonderful things, even when many times we do a similar job to another person because we are in a bad day and we need other visual stimuli to activate us.
Lately and sadly I have seen many post on social networks making comments about other people judging them publicly for doing something similar, or using the same background and poses, etc. Now I say, perhaps we are not all human beings ?, Obviously everyone has the right to write what they want on their wall, but do they know? It looks like a witch hunt, where everyone is judging and sentencing people randomly because they tell them, because they feel hurt, because they do not like the competition, because somehow they feel that something has been stolen … Hey , creativity is personal, nobody can steal it, NOBODY can do your job no matter how similar it may be.

Learn to be more human, to look in the mirror before judging, learn to SPEAK, send a message to the other and fix it if we bother, not make a public trial; that as we all know, people are simply cruel, AND MORE when they are behind a computer. The problems are arranged talking, although the paices in general fix them with wars. Do not judge, try to understand, put into words what we feel, and fix things, there you take a surprise, and the person behind is very similar to you, has the same fears, the same inseguards, the same goals or dreams; learn to be more human and not leave it to the masses that what hurts us to be manipulated and end up hurting others. Life is a bomeran, we learn to be more cautious, we never know the damage we can cause. We are human and we make mistakes, we learn to forgive …

Don`t judge me...

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4 thoughts on “Don`t judge me…”

  1. There is a lot of copying and the web won’t make that things different people are going to continue doing what they do. 🙂
    It’s like music. Limited number of scales and ways to play them. It’s how we dig into them and own them as ours. Copying ideas and building on them is part of life. Merging my original thoughts with those before me is always tough. But, I try. 🙂

    Very good words. Like me being a Marine. We adpot and modify… 🙂

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    1. I do not think it’s wrong to be inspired by others when creating our scenes or photographs or decorating a land. Sometimes the lines are very thin and does not have to do with copying others, but the things we use are so similar that there can be confusion. Just as I am going to crucify people publicly, I believe that if we feel that someone has taken away our credit, it is best to talk about it, not send it to hangings in a social network. Be more human despite being virtual;)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually my post is not aimed exactly at that, but the problems that some people are imitated generates and the way of expressing it that ends up hurting others. I mean to be more human when it comes to expressing ourselves and learning to talk about our problems with the other without making a public judgment of the work.

        Liked by 1 person

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