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Some place in Paris

The first time I was in Paris I remember being in a small, warm apartment like this. With the typical Parisian small windows (most are only with balconies of decoration), and with wonderful views you look for where you look, or it will be that simply, every time I visit Paris I do not stop falling in love a little more. It’s strange because I have the grace to know many important cities, and some not so well known but just as nice; but the love that comes to me every time I visit this place is something I can not describe with words … C’est ça “je t’aime Paris”…

 Some place in Paris...

InsurreKtion @The Boardwalk Event NEW!!! (Start 15th Jan)

[IK] Ethnic Collection I – Spotlight
[IK] Ethnic Collection I – Ceiling Lamp
[IK] Ethnic Collection I – Table Lamp

[ keke ] Zen Collection @FaMeshed ( starts 1 Feb) (avaible separate or as a fatpack, gold, silver and black)

[ keke ] zen frames . bright (I add paints on them)
[ keke ] zen orbuculum sphere . gold
[ keke ] zen orbuculum lamp . gold
[ keke ] zen white table
[ keke ] zen weeds
[ keke ] zen clickable roller curtain . cloud
[ keke ] zen gingko plant 

[keke]dreamers projector – motorcycle + slides in a box+ slides (at the store)


Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Drawers
Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Sketch pile
Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Plant
Foxwood ~ The Artist ~ Canvas pile

MINIMAL Paris Views Scene @Uber New!!! (There is 2 versions available :Regular Version : The scene with just copy permission available and 135 landimpact. Modular Version : This version include the Normal Version and the detached pieces to extend the environment. Special for decorators/builders.)

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