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Always are time for a shot…

Absinthe or absinthe, nicknamed the Fée Verte (‘The Green Fairy’) or also called the Green Devil, is an alcoholic beverage with a slight aniseed flavor, with a bitter background of complex dyes due to the contribution of the herbs it contains, mainly Artemisia absinthium. When cold water and sugar are added, the drink is transformed into the milky essence (louche). It began as an elixir in Switzerland, but it was in France that it became popular due to the association between the artists and writers who drank this drink in Paris in the late 19th century until its production was banned in 1915. The most popular brand during the 19th century was Pernod Fils until its prohibition. During the belle époque the name became synonymous with drinking and the brand represented the de facto quality standard by which all others were judged.

 Always are time for a shot...

Architect. After hours set @Builder’s Box New!!! (Fireplace, Rug with pillows, Ajenjo with glasses)

BONDI Trunk Bar XL (W/Bottles) @Builder’s Box New!!!

DaD The Wave Skybox @FaMESHed New!!! Feb 2019 (The first floor has a long fireplace that borders one wall and a half circle pool that sits just underneath the circular staircase that is supported by wire beams on each side to lead you to the second floor living space. Apart from it being a great place for living, it is also fantastic for entertainin)

Dahlia – Griffin – Cage – Gold @Builders Box New!!!

Granola. @Fameshed New!!!

Granola. Isadora Chair 
Granola. Isadora Floor Lamp

MADRAS MKP Be my Valentine Decor @Cupid INC (opens Feb. 1st ♥) NEW!!!

MADRAS  Dick Candy Set MKP @Fameshed X New!!!

MADRAS Dick Candy Bowl
MADRAS Dick Candy Pack
MADRAS Extreme Dick Candy Tray

untitledBuilder´s Box

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