Diary Post

Livin’ La Vida Loca

(…) Upside inside out
She’s livin’ la vida loca
She’ll push and pull you down
Livin’ la vida loca
Her lips are devil red
And her skin’s the color of mocha
She will wear you out
Livin’ la vida loca
She’s livin la vida loca (…)

Livin' La Vida Loca

Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

Head CATWA HEAD Catya Bento

Skin Head Birth  ‘Penelope’ Catwa Applier

Skin Body Birth 3rd Gen Maitreya Body Skin Applier – 01. 

Lips Birth ‘Big Heart & Ornate’ Catwa Lipstick @TLC

Eyes Shadow Birth‘Big Heart & Ornate’ Catwa Eyeshadow @TLC

Nails Ascendant Flirt Nails Fatpack – Maitreya @Cupid INC (opens Feb. 1st ♥)

Mouth Accesory ::OOPS:: Heart Mouth (Bento) @UniK (opens Feb. 7th)

Outfit [G-SHOT] Luna Denim Dress @UniK (opens Feb. 7th)

Shoes PHEDORA Eros heels ~ Maitreya @Cupid INC (opens Feb. 1st ♥)

Hair  Doe: Paris Hair. @Cupid INC (opens Feb. 1st ♥)

Pose ::SenseS:: Couple Bento pose+Pillow – Up All Night (use only one)  @UniK (opens Feb. 7th)

anxiety TOOTIMEclub skybox @Builders Box After Hours New!!!

220ML  @Builders Box After Hours New!!!

220ML – Starbuster Shot – Tequila Bottle
220ML – Starbuster Shot – Tequila Shot
220ML – Starbuster Shot – Pink Cactus [NEON ON]
220ML – Starbuster Shot – Candy Bowl
220ML – Starbuster Shot – Tequila Shot
220ML – Starbuster Shot – Tequila Pack

[Black Bantam] Love Struck Long Haired Chihuahua Heart Decor @Cupid INC (opens Feb. 1st ♥)

CURELESS @Cupid INC (opens Feb. 1st ♥)

CURELESS[+] BonBon Floats / Cherry Soda
CURELESS[+] BonBon Floats / Root Beer
CURELESS[+] Hearty Burger
CURELESS[+] Amore Pizza

UniK - Logo 1024 x 1024UniK

cupid incCupid INC

untitledBuilder´s Box

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