Diary Post

Above the barn

(…) Meet me in the barn, way out in the pasture
Turn off your headlights, park by the tractor
Sneak in the backdoor, so we don’t get caught
I’ll be there waitin’ in the hayloft.
With a kiss on my lips, no you don’t wanna miss
Holdin’ me in your arms
Meet me in the barn. (…)

 Above the barn

220ML @Fameshed X New!!!

220ML – Cowgirl Milk – Chair
220ML – Cowgirl Milk – Chest 74
220ML – Cowgirl Milk – Milkmaid – Got milk?
220ML – Cowgirl Milk – Milkmaid – Cow Skin
220ML – Cowgirl Milk – Stool

ACORN Distressed Wood Floor Mirror  @FaMeshed ( starts 1 Feb) New!!!

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Reclaimed Door Counter
Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles

Chez Moi Wooden Cuties Gacha @The Gatcha Garden New!!!

CHEZ MOIOrchid Colors @Shiny Shabby (change colours avaible) New!!!


10 – DRD – Vagabond – Bloom Lamp
15 – DRD – Vagabond – Morbids Storage
16 – DRD – Vagabond – Jaimys Storage
13 – DRD – Vagabond – Umbrella Chandelier

dust bunny  (at the store)

dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . green apple tree
dust bunny . dwarf fruit trees . red apple tree


GOOSE – Caged hanging lamp
GOOSE – Caged table lamp
GOOSE – Caged standing lamp

Mad MAtch  MKP

REALISTIC ROSE DECOR – RED (Comes in 10 colours. This high realistic, laying roses are a very nice decor to put on a table, a piano, a present or to use it as part of a decor scene.)
ROSE IN A VASE – porcelain (This high realistic rose in a vase is a very nice decor or a gift to your loved one. It comes in two versions: one in a porcelain vase, one in a metal vase)

peaches Emunah Bed Set @FaMeshed ( starts 1 Feb) New!!!

.peaches. Emunah Bed – ADULT
.peaches. Emunah Bed – Large Plant (Shadow)
.peaches. Emunah Bed – Magazine Clutter

Refuge @FaMeshed ( starts 1 Feb) New!!!

Refuge – Emme Crate Seat A
Refuge – Emme Crate Table
Refuge – Emme Candle A


SPELL : Green Apples
SPELL : Red Apples
SPELL : Autumn Chair

Stockholm&Lima Milk Bath (Floral) @Fameshed X New!!!


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