Diary Post

Rambling …

My moon drips silver;
Gliding from its craters, flown
Across galaxies

Alien beings
Stare at its state; leaking a
Peak at what it is

But the moon’s just the
Moon to us; nothing more than
A dab to the sky

How I wonder the
Way y’all see it tonight; can
You find the beauty?*

~Or is it just the moon?~

Rambling ...

Dahlia – Griffin – Cage – Silver @Builders Box New!!!

dust bunny

dust bunny. overnight bag
dust bunny. love tarts

[ keke ] bundle of candles (at the store)

[ keke ] distressed mirror 2 . bright
[ keke ] bundle of candles
[ keke ] TeaLights

KraftWork Lush Skybox  @Builders Box New!!!

Mad MAtch  MKP REALISTIC ROSE DECOR-  (Comes in 10 colours. This high realistic, laying roses are a very nice decor to put on a table, a piano, a present or to use it as part of a decor scene.)

MADRAS MKP Be my Valentine Decor 


{moss&mink} Confetti & Heart scatter
{moss&mink} Forever & Always
{moss&mink} Petal & Heart scatter 

Refuge @Builders Box New!!! (avaible black-silver-gold)

Refuge – Lun Bubble Bath Original
Refuge – Lun Table Original

[ zerkalo ] Hanging Stars lights

untitledBuilder´s Box

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