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What the magical libray hides…

“And then, of course, there was the sheer size of the library; tens of thousands of books; thousands of shelves; hundreds of narrow rows.”

The Hogwarts Library is located off of a corridor on the first-floor of Hogwarts Castle and contains tens of thousands of books on thousands of shelves. Overseen by Madam Irma Pince, the library is where students can go to peruse or borrow books to supplement their studies (or for personal enjoyment). The library closes at 8:00 pm.

What the magical libray hides...

DaD “The Ladder” ADULT – or PG (at the store)

Ionic (different sets at the store)

*ionic* Ancient Blood Samples
*ionic* Ancient book {mysteries}
*ionic* Ancient open book {alchemy}
*ionic* Ancient Vane
*ionic* Black candelabrum
*ionic* Butterfly in a dome {big}
*ionic* Butterfly in a dome {small}
*ionic* Erzsebet Bathory showcase collector – RARE
*ionic* Galileo’s telescope
*ionic* Orrery
*ionic* White Candelabrum
ionic : ALQUIMIA – Bloggers
IONIC : Brujas {Table set} Dark Wood
ionic : Spiritism Table
ionic : 19th Century Chair
ionic : 19th Century Bookcase

KraftWork  The Wizard Express Set @The World of Magic NEW!!!

KraftWork Wizard Open Luggage
KraftWork Wizard RW Luggage

Merak Hermione’s Bag @The World of Magic NEW!!!

[Merak] – Hermione’s Notes
[Merak] – Hermione’s Study Board
[Merak] – Hermione’s Desk
[Merak] – Hermione’s Chair
[Merak] – Hermione’s Bag
[Merak] – Hermione’s Notes

SPELL (old set you can find at the store)

SPELL : Harry’s Trolley – RARE
SPELL : Divination Stool
SPELL : Butterbeer
SPELL : All Flavour Beans
SPELL : An invitation Letter
SPELL : Azkaban Prison Plank
SPELL : Chocolate Frog
SPELL : Wand Store Sign
SPELL : Triwizard Cup – RARE

SPELL (different sets at the store)

SPELL : Herbs Ritual
SPELL : Magic Potions
SPELL : Memories
SPELL : Forgotten Victorian Frames
SPELL : Forgotten Victorian Chair {dark}
SPELL : Magic spells RARE
SPELL : Alchemy humid way RARE

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