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In a minute…

It only takes a minute girl 
It only takes a minute girl 
To fall in love, to fall in love 
It only takes a minute girl 
To fall in love, to fall in love
What’s an hour of the day 
We throw at least one away 
And walk the streets for half the year 
To try to find a new career 
If you get a flu attack 
For thirty days you’re on your back 
Doing not a single dance 
Baby give me half a chance (…)

In a minute...

Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

Head Lelutka Head.Greer 3.0 Bento

Skin Head Glam Affair Mona for LELUTKA 

Skin Body Glam Affair Maitreya Body Applier America

Rings LIVIA Vida Bento Mesh Rings MKP @Designer Showcase  NEW!!! Feb 2019 (HUD loaded with 8 metals & 14 jewels. Rigged for Maitreya, Slink, & Tonic)

Tattoo White~Widow Serenity 

Outfit Dead Dollz Larissa Skirt – Fatpack @Fameshed New!!! (12 textures available for the skirt.)

Outfit Dead Dollz Madicken Bra – Fatpack (12 colors available for the top. 12)

Hair Tableau Vivant Didi hair (Aida Ewing’s First Hair Cration) @Kinky New!!! 

Shoes Breathe  Kikumi Heels-M.Lara @Kinky New!!! (Available sizes:Maitreya Lara, Slink,Belleza: 18 colors + 3 Exclusive in Fatpack.HUD Options (sole, straps etc)

Pose Foxcity Wild&Free Bento Pose

Deco Backdrop

CHEZ MOI GreenHouse (At the store)

Granola Spring Romance Gacha @The Arcade New!!!

Granola. Distressed Dresser. RARE. C/M
Granola. Bucket Of Roses. C/M
Granola. A Simple Girl’s Hat. RARE. C/M
Granola. Wired Basket. C/M
Granola. Wooden Stand with Tea & Honey. C/M
Granola. Ceramic Chickens. C/M
Granola. Cherries. White. C/M
Granola. Cherries. Green. C/M
Granola. Cherries. Mint. C/M
Granola. Box of Twine. C/M
Granola. Box of Twine. C/M
Granola. Blueberries. Floral. C/M
Granola. Blueberries. Vines. C/M
Granola. Wooden Stand. White Distressed. C/M

Mudhoney Pax Gatcha Set @The Arcade New!!!

MudHoney Pax Massage Table RARE
MudHoney Pax Rolled Towels
MudHoney Pax Aroma Bowl
MudHoney Pax Massage Tray
MudHoney Pax Towel Stack
MudHoney Pax Salt Candle 2
MudHoney Pax Salt Candle 3
MudHoney Pax Salt Candle 1
MudHoney Pax Vanity
MudHoney Pax Stone Warmer
MudHoney Pax Essential Oils
MudHoney Pax Stone Tray
MudHoney Pax Cart
MudHoney Pax Oils 2
MudHoney Pax Oils 1
MudHoney Pax Chill Wall Art
MudHoney Pax Oil Sprays
MudHoney Pax Folded Towel
MudHoney Pax Sink
MudHoney Pax Incense
MudHoney Pax Moisturizers
MudHoney Pax Stool

[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Sit
[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Familly
[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Bark
[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Play

Serenity Style The Rothschild Bathroom @A+ Event New!!!

Serenity Style Rothschild Bathtub rare
Serenity Style Rothschild Bathroom Mirror
Serenity Style Rothschild Basin Vanity
Serenity Style Rothschild Lamp
Serenity Style Rothschild Bathroom Chair
Serenity Style Rothschild Bathroom Rug
Serenity Style Rothschild Bathroom Towel Rail
Serenity Style Rothschild Soap Dispenser

2 thoughts on “In a minute…”

  1. Beautiful post Loly, and the vid is downright sexy! I remember that when it first came out and I was wishing I could dance like they do *laughs*

    Liked by 1 person

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