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Your reflection

“Remember that the world out there reflects your reality from here in. The people before whom your reaction is strongest, be it love or hate, are projections of your inner world.” What you hate the most is what you deny most in yourself. What you love most is what you most want inside yourself Use the mirror of relationships to guide your evolution The goal is total self-awareness When you get it, what you most want will automatically be there; the more you dislike it will disappear. “

Your reflection

ACORN Botanical Garden Set @Bloom New!!!

ACORN Arch Garden Mirror
ACORN Wood and Iron Bench Seat -White
ACORN Tin Candle Cluster -White

DaD Paper flowers & Sophia pouf @Bloom New!!!

DaD “Paper Flowers old style” 
DaD “Sophia round sofa” PG 
DaD “Sophia Pouf” single sit   
DaD “Paper Flowers white style”

Granola. Willow Set @Bloom New!!!

Granola Willow Teapot Planter. Garden Green.
Granola Willow Teapot Planter. Garden White.
Granola Willow Swing. White. PG.

[ keke ] Easter yellow flower pack MkP

[ keke ] grow collection MkP

Little Branch RedBudTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons @Boardwalk New!!!

MudHoney Kai Chair @Bloom New!!!

.peaches. svikja bar set – Modern @Uber New!!!

Serenity Style Vintage Carrier Tricycle Gatcha @MAN CAVE New!!!


REZ ME_TLC Feathered Squatters – Oriole Set
REZ ME_TLC Feathered Squatters – Blackbird Set

What Next mailboxes for FLF New!!! (at the store) MkP
Zen Creations In the garden Set

2 thoughts on “Your reflection”

  1. Absolutely stunning photography and scene setup, so much detail and thought going into the selection of all of these items, you have created a perfect outdoor scene, amazing work and thank you for including Zen!

    Liked by 1 person

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