Diary Post

Fame and fortune

The FINAL Builder’s Box is now delivering through your access cards! You can still grab it for just L$2,000 up until April 8, where all boxes will be taken down from sale. Thank you & goodnight! 

Don’t forget to deliver through your HUD before April 15 as this is when our servers will close. Keep your contents safe! 

Fame and Fortune

Apple Fall West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray, Magnolia Arrangement, Live Basil w/ Terracotta, Billy Ball Stems  @N21

|anxiety| Loveme Trophie @builder’s box

Dahlia Grand Opulence  @builder’s box

Halo. DIamond Heist . Ad @builder’s box

Granola. The Royal Treatment Collection @builder’s box

Raindale  Bonclair- Shoes Boxes @builder’s box

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