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Luxury train

Top 10 Luxury Trains in the World

What makes journeys on board luxury train experience extraordinaire? The journeys on board luxury trains are steps backwards in time to rediscover the art of elegant traveling; an era of decadence, romance and leisure. In this post we have tried to compile the list of the top 10 luxury trains in the world.
And believe us when we say that its a difficult ask to choose just the 10 out of more than 25 luxury trains operating in various countries. After all we are talking about romance of the rail. Some of the greatest rail journeys out there.
There are several luxury trains in operation around the world. Each one of them promises to take you on an enchanting voyage through fascinating landscapes and best destinations of the region.

Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Europe
Rovos Rail, Africa
Palace on Wheels, Rajasthan
Rocky Mountaineer, Canada
Maharajas Express, India
Eastern and Oriental Express, Southeast Asia
Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express, Russia
Royal Scotsman, Scotland
The Chepe, Mexico
The Ghan, Australia

Luxury train

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