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Playful invaders

The panda, panda or giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is a species of mammal of the order of the carnivores and although there is a great controversy about it, the latest studies of its DNA include it among the members of the bear family (Ursidae ), being the spectacled bear its closest relative, although this belongs to the subfamily of the tremarctinos. On the other hand, the red panda belongs to a family of its own and independent; Ailuridae The species is highly localized. Native to central China, the giant panda inhabits mountainous regions, mainly those of Sichuan, up to a height of 3500 ms s. n. m.

For 2017 it was estimated that the total population exceeded 2000 copies, of which 1864 live in freedom, showing that the number of pandas living in freedom is increasing. The panda is the symbol of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) since 1961.

The main food of the panda is bamboo (around 99% of its diet), although it also feeds on fruits, small mammals, fish, and insects. He is a good climber, although he is rarely seen in trees. It adapts to the captivity and thanks to its coat easily supports the winter conditions of its habitat.

Playful invaders

Playful invaders 1Playful invaders 2

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