Pasta y vino!


Egg noodles or common noodles
Flour 0000 1kg
Eggs for a kilo is used approximately half a dozen (but you must have at least a dozen to add if necessary)

Pasta y vino!

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  1. Dump the kilo of flour in a table or table, form a hole in the middle there you are going to put one egg and go mixing it little by little looking for the dough to take shape.
  2. If it is necessary for your dough to take shape, you can add a little oil and water.
  3. You add the eggs until the dough takes a good consistency, if you wish you can salt the dough, but leave the salt for boiling.
  4. Let the dough rest for a while, then with the kneading stick you stretch it several times, bend the dough and stretch it again, try to make the dough well finite, remember that when you cook the noodles it has to get thick.
  5. Once you stretch the dough well you will give it a square or rectangular shape, depending on the desired length for the noodles.
  6. The slices in strips, the cooking is equal to the one of the gnocchi or the ravioli once we see that they float and noma a different color to that of the mass are ready.

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