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I wondering where is these beach…

The Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus) are a genus of Neo-Gothic birds of the Phoenicopteridae family. They are birds that are distributed both in the Western Hemisphere and in the Eastern Hemisphere: there are two species in America and one in the Old World. They have a Holorrine desmognato skull, with sixteen to twenty cervical vertebrae and anisodáctilos feet. They are very slender birds, between 80 cm and 1.40 m long, with very long legs and a long neck. The beak is very characteristic, and perfectly adapted to dig in the mud. The upper jaw, smaller than the lower jaw, is the only mobile. The beak has a pronounced downward curvature and is provided with internal lamellae to retain food substances by filtering the slime. The feet have four fingers, the three front joined by a membrane and the back very small.

I wondering where is these beach...

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crate Backyard Pub Shed
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DISORDERLY. / West Light / Tall Cactus / 1
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DISORDERLY. / West Light / Tall Cactus / 3

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(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro VII
(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro II -dirt-
(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro V
(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro I
(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro II -dirt-
(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro III
(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro IV -dirt-
(Fundati) Chihuahuan Saguaro VI

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[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Beaches Sign
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Surfboard Rack
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Shelter
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Deco Sign B
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Deco Sign A
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Gone Surfing
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Surfboard C
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Surfboard A
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Surfboard D
[IK] Surf Shelter Set – Torch

TLC Home  @Cosmopolitan New!!!

TLC Flamingo [Walking] [Hybrid]*
TLC Flamingo [Feeding] [Hybrid]*
TLC Flamingo [One Leg]*

TLC Home

TLC Pelican Animated
TLC Albatross [Hovering]
TLC Albatross [Standing]

6 republic6 Republic May 2019

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