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The pond on my garden

A pond is an area filled with water, either natural or artificial, that is usually smaller than a lake. It may arise naturally in floodplains as part of a river system, or be a somewhat isolated depression (such as a kettle, vernal pool, or prairie pothole). It may contain shallow water with marsh and aquatic plants and animals.

Factors impacting the type of life found in a pond include depth and duration of water level, nutrient level, shade, presence or absence of inlets and outlets, effects of grazing animals, and salinity.

Ponds are frequently man-made, or expanded beyond their original depth and bounds. Among their many uses, ponds provide water for agriculture and livestock, aid in habitat restoration, serve as fish hatcheries, are components of landscape architecture, may store thermal energy as solar ponds, and treat wastewater as treatment ponds.

Ponds are characteristically categorized separately from flowing watercourses such as brooks, creeks, streams or rivers. Ponds may be fresh, saltwater, or brackish.

 The pond on my garden

Elm. @6 Republic May 2019

Elm. Summertime Dock Hammock [PG]
Elm. Summertime Dock [No Cover]

HILL Sweet Chocolate Bundt Cake @6 Republic May 2019

[MB] @6 Republic May 2019

[MB] ZENSAI -Satsuki(May)- Display
[MB] DAIKOKU BEER glass dispaly
[MB] KAISEKI -Waribashi- Display

MudHoney @6 Republic May 2019

MudHoney Porter Sectional Loveseat – Fatpack
MudHoney Porter Sectional Corner – Fatpack
MudHoney Porter Sectional Chair – Fatpack
MudHoney Porter Table Short
MudHoney Porter Table Tall
MudHoney Porter Rug

Raindale  @6 Republic May 2019

Raindale – Riverbreak cattail
Raindale – Riverbreak lotus leaves
Raindale – Riverbreak lantern
Raindale – Riverbreak candles (gift)
Raindale – Riverbreak bridge (brown)
Rare – Raindale – Riverbreak pond
Raindale – Riverbreak leaf boat (green)
Raindale – Riverbreak boat daybed

TLC Home

TLC Great Tit
TLC Red Cardinal
TLC Green Finch
TLC Pointer Pup [ Standing ]

{anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterfly [cluster B] emerald 4Li

Skye Birch Grove Clearing

6 republic6 Republic May 2019

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