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Kalopsia Blogger Contest – Loly Hallison

The fear
“It replaces the behavior that motivates fear by the behavior that motivates love, fear is a product of memory, that dwells in the past.” In remembering what made us suffer before, we devote our energies to making sure that the ancient suffering do not repeat.

But trying to impose the past to the present will never end the threat of suffering. That only happens when you find the security of your own being, which is love. Motivated by inner truth, you can face any threat, because your inner strength is invulnerable to fear. “

Kalopsia Blogger Contest - Loly Hallison

West Village By Apple Fall

West Village Billy Ball Stems
West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray
West Village Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot
West Village Magnolia Arrangement
West Village Ginkgo Branches
West Village Pancake Breakfast Board
West Village Rice Milk w/ Carrier
West Village Spring Tulips
West Village Seeded Bread & Tomatoes

Ariskea Antique Buffet Country @Fameshed

Con & Dust Bunny Gracie Living Room @Fameshed

Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Bag Clutter 
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Blanket Basket 
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Pillow Stack 
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room – Sofa – PG 

Foxwood Celestial Macrame White

InsurreKtion Farmhouse Kitchen mkp

[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Lamp
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Supplies Cans
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Pans Rack
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Coffee Grinder
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Kitchen Scale
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Tea Set
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Milk Cans
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Teapot A
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Teapot B
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Rug
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Utensils Jar A
[IK] Farmahouse Kitchne – Utensils Jar B

JIAN Spaniels Gatcha Set

Kalopsia Junie’s Set Mkp @Kustom9

Kalopsia Junie’s Curtain
Kalopsia Junie’s Lamp
Kalopsia Junie’s Pouf
Kalopsia Junie’s Rug

MADRAS @6 Republic May 2019

MADRAS Wrought Plate Decor Set
MADRAS Gold Flower Decor
MADRAS Honey Jar
MADRAS Vintage Slide Door Table Linked
MADRAS Ruby Grass Pot

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