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Some place in the Caribbean

Isla Saona is one of the largest in the Dominican Republic that is located off the coast of the province of La Altagracia. It is part of the Cotubanamá National Park (Old National Park of the East). The island is also of great tourist attraction for its beautiful beaches and natural beauties.

The island has two permanent human settlements, the towns of Mano Juan and Catuano. Mano Juan is a fishing village with wooden houses and the “Catuano beach”, which has a detachment of the navy.

Some place in the Caribbean

Chez Moi snuggle boat @Cosmopolitan New!!! (info: chezmoifurnitures)

Little Branch Tropical Palm Cluster @Vintage Fair New!!!

Little BranchTropical Palm v2 @The final winter New!!!

[Merak] Beach Delight Collection @FaMeshed New!!!

[Merak] – Summer Beach Rocks (w/towels)
[Merak] – Sun Cover
[Merak] – Beach Rack

[Merak] Beach Delight Gatcha Set @The Arcade (Open 1st June)New!!!

01. Beach Rocks (sit/anim) RARE
02. Floor Cushion for two RARE
03. CLosed Umbrella Type A
04. Closed Umbrella Type B
05. Beach Mat Rolled
06. Beach Mat Decor
07. Bamboo Divider
08. Natural Wood Table
09. Floor Cushion Crochet B
10. Floor Cushion Crochet A
11. Floor Cushion Tropical
12. Floor Cushion Summer
13. Floor Cushion Blue
14. Floor Cushion Yellow
15. Bread and Olive Tray
16. Cherry Basket
17. Wrapped Sandwich Tray

.peaches. Anchors  Aweigh Beach Chair 

REZZ ROOM BOXER DOG PUPPY GACHA SET @Equal10 (9 Commons + 1 Rare) New!!! (opens 10 June)

Boxer Dog Puppy Wait RARE
Boxer Dog Puppy Sniff
Boxer Dog Puppy Intrig
Boxer Dog Puppy Bark
Boxer Dog Puppy Sit
Boxer Dog Puppy Up
Dog Bowl Wood
Dog Bed Hammock
Dog Toy Boredom Breaker

UnKindness Holy Cannoli Gatcha Set  @Whimsical

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