Diary Post

Summer mirage

A mirage is an optical illusion in which distant objects appear reflected on a smooth surface as if you were contemplating a liquid surface that, in reality, does not exist.

Summer mirage

8f8 Empty Spaces Collection (Nine different items, one 8f8 Group Gift and BONUS Old Colors for the phone booth if you go for the whole collection)

Not Empty Anymore & Which Way?
Take Me With You & Have a Rest
Pursuit of Happiness & Stars and Smiles
It Can Be & Buttercups GROUP GIFT
Look Me Up & Nature Calling

DRD Recycled Garden Nook @FaMESHed

DRD – Recycled Garden Nook – Nook
DRD – Recycled Garden Nook – Statue
DRD – Recycled Garden Nook – Cards
DRD – Recycled Garden Nook – Table
DRD – Recycled Garden Nook – Chair
DRD – Recycled Garden Nook – Gas Can Lamp

Refuge  Sweets Shop @Arcade

Refuge – Sweets Shop Counter Blue RARE
Refuge – Sweets Shop Marquee Sign Blue
Refuge – Sweets Shop Sundae A
Refuge – Sweets Shop Sundae B
Refuge – Sweets Shop Sundae C
Refuge – Sweets Shop Cupcake Single Blue
Refuge – Sweets Shop Ice Cream Machine Pink & Blue
Refuge – Sweets Shop Neon Sign Pink

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