Diary Post

A new creativity space

 As the sun slowly sets
The precursor to the week
With deadlines,
­ Oh so bleak
The calm before the storm
Too restless to enjoy
For everybody knows
It’s sunday’s melancholy ploy

Responsibilities loom overhead
Our heart as heavy as the air
The world has now gone silent
We sit in subtle fear

A new creativity space

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Woodland Deer – Brass
AF Books w/ Deer Head Bookends
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 4
Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Ceramic
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 2
Apple Fall Design Books
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Cone Flower Study
Apple Fall Magazine Files
Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelf – Double w/ Doors
Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelf – Single Left Door
Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace – White
Apple Fall Stacked Books
Apple Fall Nauticus Shell Vessel
Apple Fall Juliette Tea Cups, Stacked
Apple Fall Juliette Teapot
Apple Fall Original Artwork: Pine Cone Study
Apple Fall Basil Sproutlings
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Stacked Cups
Apple Fall Coral Specimen
Apple Fall Ceramic Chubby Squirrel
Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases
Apple Fall ‘Still Life Observation’ w/ Dust Sheet
Apple Fall Antique Coffee Table
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Teapot
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Rose Tea
Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair
Apple Fall Milton Curtains
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
Apple Fall Cushion – Cream
Apple Fall Gilt Frame – Sea Campion Study
Apple Fall Tea Tins & Tea Books

West Village By Apple Fall

West Village Field Wellingtons – Red

 [Black Bantam]

[Black Bantam] Best in Show Yorkie Purple 02
[Black Bantam] Love Struck Long Haired Chihuahua Decor

Kalopsia Spoutnik’s Set Mkp @Kustom9 New!!!

Kalopsia – Alize’s Entry Vase (Short)
Kalopsia – Alize’s Entry Wicker Lamp
Kalopsia – Alize’s Entry Magazines
Kalopsia – Alize’s Entry Console
Kalopsia – Alize’s Entry Wall Art

Kalopsia Spoutnik’s Set Mkp @Equal10 New!!!

Kalospia – Isidore’s Office Trash Can
Kalospia – Isidore’s Office Pencil Pot
Kalospia – Isidore’s Office Note Books
Kalospia – Isidore’s Office Chair
Kalospia – Isidore’s Office Boxes (Yellow)
Kalospia – Isidore’s Office Rug
Kalospia – Isidore’s Office Hangers

MudHoney @The Arcade (Open 1st June) New!!!
MudHoney Finley Lamp 
MudHoney Finley Books 
MudHoney Finley Candle 1 
MudHoney Finley Candle 2
MudHoney Finley Mail 
MudHoney Finley Keys 1
MudHoney Finley Headphones 

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