Diary Post

Between the river and the ocean…

Shells coming and going,
Locked in to movement of the waves,
Crushed by the magnitude of their strength

They float in and out of beaches,
Leaving their mark on passersby,
Only to be forgotten with the next wave of treasures

They long to be found,
Crave to be picked up,
Ache to tell their story

Until at last, they’re swept out to sea,
To the next beach which it will call home,
And into the life of another who will see its beauty.

Between the river and the ocean...


DISORDERLY. / Ice Cold Summer / Bottle Bucket

dust bunny Beach Day @Summerfest

Dust Bunny Towel Tote
Dust Bunny Net Bag
Dust Bunny Breezy Book

Serenity Style The Lost Kingdom boat @Unik New!!!

Serenity Style Deep Oceah Hutr  @TLC New!!!

Serenity Style- Deep Oceah Hutr
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Lifeguard
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Ladder
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Stool
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Bottle 1
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Bottle 2
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Shell Bucket
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Wooden Albatross
Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Hut Extension

tarte. beach pergola (walnut)  @SUMMERFEST New!!!

TLC HOME Stilt Collection with Habitat (includes: Mesh Stilts, Hybrid Stilt objects, Animesh Stilts in 4 texture options (click to change), and habitat. Turtle set Anniversary gift.) @Cosmopolitan TLC MkP New!!!

SUmmerfestSummerfest ´19

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