Diary Post

Is time for holidays…

If you feel that sometimes everything around you is complicated and you do not find a solution … Stop! Breathe and give yourself a minute to relax …

And we often worry and stress for no reason, accept it, there are times when you make a storm in a glass of water … Remember that it’s all about attitude!

Is time to holidays...

Ayla Nautical Refuge Set mkp @Anthem

Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Travellers Junk
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Oar
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Simple Lantern (silver)
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Ship Wheel w/ Anchor
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Round Lantern (rust)
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Open Antique Book
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Concrete Weight w/ Oar

ARCHITECT. Bento Cuddle Sunbed Anthem Event

dust bunny . watermelon vibes @Fameshed New!!!

dust bunny . watermelon vibes . keg
dust bunny . watermelon vibes . cocktails
dust bunny . watermelon vibes . melon pizza

Kalopsia Kalopsia – Indigo’s Lounger (ADULT) @Collabor88 New!!!

Little Branch TropicalPalm{Animated}*Double  @Fever Fete New!!!

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