Diary Post

Small sweet spot

“Obstacles are nothing but a condiment of triumph.” – Mark Twain

Small sweet spot!

Architect Quinn Throne @Equal10 New!!!

Architect  Princeton Bookshelf MKP NEW!!!

Ayla  mkp Rustic Living Set @Shiny Shabby New!!!

Ayla. Rustic Living – Reclaimed Daybed (grey)
Ayla. Rustic Living – Wood Stool
Ayla. Rustic Living – Carved Wooden Table
Ayla. Kitchen Corner – Small Candle (antique)
Ayla. Rustic Living – Desert Plant

Ayla Nautical Refuge Set mkp @Anthem

Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Oar
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Simple Lantern (silver)
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Round Lantern (rust)
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Concrete Weight w/ Oar

Granola A new group gift!! Find them at the mainstore! New!!!

Granola. July GG. Message In A Bottle.
Granola. July GG. Seashell Candle.


10 MADRAS Elephant Candle Holder
01 MADRAS Namo Rug
02 MADRAS Amira Rug

[Rezz Room] @The Epiphany New!!!

[Rezz Room] Chihuahua Playing
[Rezz Room] Chihuahua Sleeping
[Rezz Room]Chihuahua Jumping
[Rezz Room] Chihuahua Barking

Scarlet Creative Lucia Cape House

Given that I am very complicated in my RL there are details such as the furniture that you see in the background that do not appear in the credits, I will try to update the blog on the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience …

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