Diary Post

Afternoon snacks

“The secret of happiness is not always to do what you want, but always to want what is done.”
Leon Tolstoy 

Afternoon snacks!

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Lily Wicker Chair – White (PG)
Apple Fall Cushion – Satin Trellis, Bronze
Apple Fall Lily Wicker Sofa – White (PG)
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
Apple Fall Hartley Fencing Kit

Dahlia @Uber New!!!

Dahlia – Malarkey – Margarita Pitcher
Dahlia – Malarkey – Key Lime Birthday Cake
Dahlia – Malarkey – Margarita Glasses & Tequila

Foxwood @ Uber New!!!

Foxwood – Boho lounge – Fig tree
Foxwood – Boho lounge – Banana plant
Foxwood – Boho lounge – Snake plant
Foxwood – Boho lounge – Love Birds cage
Foxwood – Boho lounge – Love Bird – mint

Tartessos Arts TA Delish Guacamole Set @ Uber New!!!

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