Diary Post

Beach camping

 No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world (Robin Williams)

Beach camping...

ionic  DESERT PARTY gatcha @Equal10

ionic : Desert camping cart (B) RARE
ionic : Outdoor shower
ionic : Surfboards
ionic : Swim or Surf?
ionic : Picnic table
ionic : Picnic basket
ionic : Strawberry & Mango Breakfast
ionic : My summer stuff
ionic : Desert paper lantern
ionic : Bamboo deck chair (with stuff)

Kalopsia Maeva’s Collection @Uber Uber Cam Sim New!!!

Kalopsia – Maeva’s Beach Tower
Kalopsia – Maeva’s Beach Signs
Kalopsia – Maeva’s Seashell Chimes
Kalopsia – Maeva’s Woven Chair

Kalopsia Oh My Veggies Gacha {Toolbox Grill/Red, Stool, Veggie Burgers, Yuca Fries w/Creamy Cilantro, Grill Utensils, Patty and Bun for Grill, Cooler, and Muffins} @The Epiphany

Little Branch TropicalPalm{Animated}*Double  @Fever Fete New!!!

Your Dreams Paradise Beach Boat Bed (avaible at the store)

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