Diary Post

We all have a dark side…

My body’s a fire
To be burned
With your caressing gaze
All teased
Nuzzled fantasy
Makes me
A bad girl
Eager to please
Your ***** sensitivity
Tie me
Choke me
Tell me Daddy
How will you
Discipline me today

We all have a dark side...

Fapple MKP

Fapple- The Casanova Shelf
Fapple- The Traveler’s Shelf
Fapple- Mr. Grey can’t see you now
Fapple- Spring Tullip Buckets
Fapple- Rodion Punishment Rack
Fapple- Vase with twigs
Fapple- Books and Books and Books
Fapple- Shakespeare Tullips
Fapple- Spring Table Deco
Fapple- The Rodion Mask
Fapple- The dream of the mare
Fapple- Table Plant Spring
Fapple- Tree in Milk Can
Fapple- Life in the City Full Outside Scenery 315LI- 35×35
Fapple- Angel Oak Poof
Fapple- Angel Oak Cuddle Sofa RARE
Fapple- Angel Oak Side Table
Fapple- Angel Oak Coffee Table
Fapple- Cigar on Ashtray
Fapple- Angel Oak Sub Pillow
Fapple- Angel Oak Rectangle Rug 1
Fapple- Angel Oak Rectangle Rug 2
Fapple- Angel Oak Clock
Fapple- Angel Oak Standing Lamp
Fapple- Angel Oak Kneeling Lamp
Fapple- Angel Oak Wine Cart

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