Diary Post

Let take a drink and read a book…

 “Kind words can be short and easy to say, but their echoes are really infinite.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Let take a drink and read a book...

Architect Rum Diary Set @Anthem New!!!

Architect. Rum Diary Bar
Architect. Rum Diary Bar Stool
Architect. Rum Diary Hanging Light
Architect. Rum Diary Tray
Architect. Rum Diary Bottle
Architect. Rum Diary Glasses

DaD Design “Tribeca Loft”, group gift (available in main store)

Kalopsia Jourdan Set @Collabor88 New!!!

Kalopsia-Jourdan Circular Lounger (animated w/texture change metal and cushion)
Kalopsia-Jourdan Mirror (texture change metal)
Kalopsia-Jourdan Sinkhole rug
Kalopsia-Jourdan Candle bulbs (comes in 2 colors)

MudHoney Vega Set- Fatpack @Fameshed New!!! 

MudHoney Vega Dresser – Fatpack
MudHoney Vega Box Small
MudHoney Vega Box Large
MudHoney Vega Vase L
MudHoney Vega Vase M
MudHoney Vega Vase S
MudHoney Vega Candle
MudHoney Vega Globe


Boxer Dog Puppy Wait RARE
Boxer Dog Puppy Sniff
Boxer Dog Puppy Sit

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