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Pumpkins night!

 Origin of Jack-o-Lantern Legend

It is unlikely that pumpkins grew in the Celtic heartlands, so our ancestors probably made lanterns by hollowing out turnips and placing a candle inside. There is an enduring Irish story based on the Jack-o-Lantern character. In the story, Jack tricks the Devil into climbing up an apple tree with a promise of cider. Then mischievously, Jack carved the sign of the cross into the apple tree’s trunk, this infuriates the Devil as he dare not climb down and touch the cross.

Years later Jack dies, but because of his life of mischief, drunkenness and worse, there is no chance of him going to heaven. Reluctantly, Jack heads for Hell, but the devil remembers his prank with the cross on the apple tree, and consequently refuses Jack entry to hell. Thus Jack is left to roam the netherworld, and the only time of the year when he can become visible is at Halloween, hence Jack-o-Lantern.

Pumpkins night!

Bee-Designs Halloween Silhouettes Gacha

DaD Scary House @UBER New!!!
Little Branch Spooky trees (at the store)


Serenity Style Eizen Primitive Halloween Doll PUMPKIN (8 commons and 1 Rare to collect) @Salem New!!!

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