Diary Post

A halloween corner

Fapple HS Full Set M/f and F/m (A Halloween set that you can keep after Halloween because the decoration works through out the whole year. The set is modify and copy and holds:-the mantelpiece with mirror and rag, decorated many cute items like a skull with a ball gag!-the drawer unit with decoration-Doors and sheet with bats and spiders :)-A witch coat hook with coat, witch hat, broom and a whip of course-A BDSM pillory with animations for both femdom and maledom-a BDSM chair with both maledom and femdom cuddles, solo sits, sex and bdsm and many cute props and a worm carpet)

My halloween kinky corner

Fapple- Witch Hooks
Fapple- HS mantelpiece
Fapple- Worm Rug
Fapple- HS Doors & Sheet
Fapple- HS Drawer Unit
Fapple- HS BDSM Pillory
Fapple- HS Set BDSM Chair – Maledom and Femdom

Fapple  Alexander Set  (set is available in Maledom, Femdom, and PG)

Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Chair
Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Leather Poof
Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Standing Lamp
Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Metal Globe Foot
Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Glass Coffee Table
Fapple – Alexander Set – Alexander Wool Rug
Fapple – Coffee and Pastry (gacha)

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