Diary Post

The beach spot

“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission”

The beach spot

KAZZA MKP  @Cosmopolitan New!!!

KAZZA – PleasurePointSet – hut structure
KAZZA – PleasurePointSet – sumbrella table
KAZZA – PleasurePointSet – patio chair
KAZZA – PleasurePointSet – banana tree pot
KAZZA – PleasurePointSet – palm pot
KAZZA – PleasurePointSet – fire chimney
KAZZA – PleasurePointSet – lifebuoy


KAZZA – PacificSetChairs – PG
KAZZA – PacificSetChairs – vase

Little Branch FIddleLeafFig{Mesh}*Potted_ @Man Cave New!!!

 Peaches Sweet Spring Swing v.2 (PG/Adult) – Dark

[Rezz Room] American Bully Adult Animesh (Companion) @ManCave New!!!

{what next} Palma Lantern (large-medium-small) – white(New!!! at the store)

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