Diary Post

I like to be ready

“My mistakes were seeds”
This is one of the best positive phrases of the artist and promoter of Psychomagia Alejandro Jodorowsky. Thinking positively means making a new reading about what we understand by mistakes, which are never a path to nowhere but, in any case, towards the opportunity to learn from experience.

I like to be ready!


DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Urn
DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Milk Can
DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Pots
DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Frames
DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Tray
DISORDERLY. / Light Pine / Bowl

dust bunny.

dust bunny-My plaid chair
dust bunny-present pile
dust bunny-presents

Granola  @Tannenbaum2019

Granola. Paloma Pom Wreath.
Granola. Paloma Stocking Holder. Charcoal.
Granola. Paloma Stocking A.
Granola. Paloma Wooden Bead & Tassel Garland.
Granola. Paloma Stocking B.
Granola. Paloma Fireplace. Grey.
Granola. Paloma Candle Charcoal.B
Granola. Paloma Candle Charcoal.C
Granola. Paloma Candle Charcoal.A

MADRAS SantaClaus Decor @Tannenbaum2019

Serenity Style- Callie Aged ornaments @Tannenbaum2019 

TA Nativity Scene Mkp

Tuesday Tree Table Decor Set @Tannenbaum2019 

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