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Time for Christmas cookies!

“Even the darkest night will end with the sunrise”
Victor Hugo believes that bad times disappear by their very nature, and that they give way to much more positive episodes of change.

Time for Christmas cookies!

Ayla. Christmas Goodies @The Arcade

Ayla Assorted Cookies RARE
Ayla Snowman Drinks
Ayla Candy Cane Trees
Ayla Candle Apple w/cookies
Ayla Ribbon Cocoa Mug
Ayla Jar w/Snowman Cookies
Ayla Jar w/Christmas Scene Cookies
Ayla Cinnamon Stick Board
Ayla Cookies & Baubles

DISORDERLY. Golden Pines Set @Belle Event

Granola Eira Holiday Gacha Collection @The Arcade

Granola Eira – Dining table
Granola Eira – Dining chair V1
Granola Eira – Dining chair V2 RARE
Granola Eira – Centerpiece
Granola Eira – Chritmas Clutter
Granola Eira – Baubles
Granola Eira – Candles
Granola Eira – Chandelier RARE
Granola Eira – Bunt Cake
Granola Eira – Panettone

MADRAS Animating Neon Light Gacha Set  @The Arcade (Every light got unique animating sequence)

{what next} Twinkly Cone Trees Gold (New!!! at the store avaible also in silver and pink)

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