Diary Post

A childrens room will be always a mess

“Focus on strengthening the skills and talents you have, don’t worry about the ones you don’t have.”

A childrens room will be always a happy mess...

Aphrodite Shop “Wild little Forest” Sets (boy & girl possibility) @Cove Event new!!!

DaD  Vintage Rocking Chair  @Collabor88 new!!!

DISORDERLY. Merry Catma @The Epiphany new!!!

Kalopsia Jillian´s Set @Collabor88 new!!!

Kalopsia – Jillian’s Rattan Pouf
Kalopsia – Jillian’s Stocking
Kalopsia – Jillan’s Fur Baby Stocking
Kalopsia – Jillian’s Vases
Kalopsia – Jillian’s Tree Deco
Kalopsia – Jillian’s Log Basket

Kalopsia Elise’s Christmas Set @Santa Inc new!!!
Kalopsia – Elise’s Christmas Teddy Bear (White)
Kalopsia – Elise’s Christmas Puzzle (Monster City)
Kalopsia – Elise’s Christmas Tree
Kalopsia – Elise’s Christmas DollHouse (Blue)
Kalopsia – Elise’s Christmas Metal Rocket (Red-Yellow)
Kalopsia – Elise’s Christmas Scooter (Blue)

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