Diary Post

The fancy new loft

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”

The fancy new loft

Architect.  Amadeus Mirror [light]

Ayla Reclaimed Plant Stand – Metal Tin (the plants are modify from Apple fall)

DaD The Time is Pipe Gatcha @The Epiphany New!!!

Elm Lady of Light Decor

Fancy Decor Lumen Candles @FaMESHed New!!!

Fancy Decor: Lumen Circle Candelabra
Fancy Decor: Lumen Tea Candle
Fancy Decor: Lumen Duet Candle Holder
Fancy Decor: Lumen Candlestick

Granola Kia Bar @Uber New!!!

Granola Kia Bar Cart. Gold.
Granola Kia Party Hats V1. Gold.
Granola Kia Straws. Gold.
Granola Kia Champagne Dispenser. Gold.
Granola Kia Champagne Service. Gold.
Granola Kia Coasters.
Granola Kia Cognac.
Granola Kia Vodka.
Granola Kia Champagne Group Display. Gold.
Granola Kia Champagne Glass V2. Gold.

Granola Vivian Set @FaMESHed New!!!

Granola Vivian Sofa
Granola Vivian Wall Scone

Goose Crupet livingroom set @Cosmopolitan

[ keke] organizer set

[ keke ] sphere chandelier
[ keke ] organizer desk . black
[ keke ] clipped sketch 1,2,3,4

Loft & Aria B/W chandelier Gold

{moss&mink} Aries Framed Prints

.peaches. New Year New Me Computer Clutter @N21

Rezz Room Rottweiler Adult  @MAN CAVE

 TA  Club Drinks Decanter  Mkp

What Next Picture Gallery Frames (Classic)

The fancy new loft (right)
Right Corner
The fancy new loft (left)
Left Corner

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