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All is ready for weekend

“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing. …”

All is ready for the weekend!

Fancy Decor Smith Fence Kit @Collabor88 New!!!

KAZZA SweetBluePool @Cosmopolitan New!!!( Heart shaped pool, palm trees, pergolado, pacific chair & table, pool light, lifebuoy, sumbrella, patio chair, palm & plant pot)

LB JuniperTree.v1{Animated}Seasons
LB JuniperTree.v2{Animated}Seasons
LB- Oak Tree Shrub
Little Branch Bottle Palms
Little Branch Queen Palm
Little Branch Sago Palm
Little Branch Tropical Palm Double
Little Branch Caribbean Palm
Little Branch Fan Palm Tree
Little Branch Tropical Palm Cluster

Your Dreams Summer pool Set Gatcha

{YD}Summer pool – Pool RARE
{YD}Summer pool – Lounger
{YD}Summer pool – Inflatable Pink
{YD}Summer pool – Inflatable Blue
{YD}Summer pool – Inflatable Yellow
{YD}Summer pool – Women´s items
{YD}Summer pool – Watter Ballons
{YD}Summer pool – Men´s items

 Zen Creations Coastal Cabana (Pg-Adult) Mkp

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