Diary Post

Shiny morning!

“Where there is love there is life”

Shiny morning!

Granola.  Anya Set @Equal10 New!!!

Granola. Anya Watering Can.
Granola. Anya Plant.
Granola. Anya Tote.
Granola. Anya Trinket Jar.
Granola. Anya Entryway Shelf.
Granola. Odeletta Lemon Bowl. Polka Dot. 

(Luc.) Hanging Orchid [R] 
(Luc.) Hanging Orchid [L] 
(Luc.) Stargazer Lily, Potted

.peaches.  Coira’s Lovely Daisy Clutter @The Seasons Story

.peaches. Coira’s Lovely Daisy Clutter – Tea Box
.peaches. Coira’s Lovely Daisy Clutter – Bowl of Peaches


peaches. Bee Sweet Tea Set – Tea Platter
peaches. Bee Sweet Tea Set – Honey Trike
peaches. Bee Sweet Tea Set – Tea Bag Clutter

{Your Dreams} Informal dining room set

{YD} Informal dining room – Armchair ( Lemom) PG
{YD} Informal dining room – Corner bench PG
{YD} Informal dining room – Table
{YD} Informal dining room – Candy Trays
{YD} Informal dining room – Coffee Mugs

Zen Creations  Milk Jug Planters

3 thoughts on “Shiny morning!”

  1. Absolutely incredible photography and scene setup, such an amazing attention to detail in the scene with your items working so well with each other, quality of this photograph is spectacular, lighting and shadows are perfect, thank you for including Zen!

    Liked by 1 person

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