Diary Post

Spring brings new plants…

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

Spring brings new plants...

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Book Collection 2 – Collection
West Village Florentine Pitcher – Brass
West Village Ginkgo Branches
West Village Glass Jar Candle – Clear Glass
West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray
West Village Sculpted Turtle – Brass

Dust Bunny

Dust Bunny. hanging plants . double planter
Dust Bunny. hanging plants . spider planter
Dust Bunny. dwarf fruit trees . clementine tree
Dust Bunny. hanging plants . ivy planter
Dust Bunny. quirky planters
dust bunny . petunia dining . charcuterie board

Granola.  Anya Set @Equal10 New!!!

Granola. Anya Watering Can.
Granola. Anya Plant.
Granola. Anya Tote.
Granola. Anya Entryway Shelf.

hive tenley Sofa @Anthem New!!!

Kalopsia Junie’s Set Mkp

Kalopsia Junie’s Lamp
Kalopsia Junie’s Pouf
Kalopsia Junie’s Rug

Loft & Aria Dixie Slipper Chair with Pillow

LUCAS LAMETH Toilet Paper in Vase @ManCave New!!!

MudHoney Talia Drapes (Hud-texture)

{what next} Devon Furniture (Coffee Table + Side Table + Sideboard + Hud de textura.) New!!!

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