Diary Post

Coffee break

“Just because you’re a work in progress doesn’t mean that you aren’t already a work of art”

Coffee break

 8f8 Art of Nature @Epiphany

Fancy Decor Satie Set @Collabor88

Fancy Decor: Satie Artwork (frame texture change)
Fancy Decor: Satie Tray Cart
Fancy Decor: Satie Milk Frother (special gold edition)
Fancy Decor: Satie Coffee Machine (special gold edition)
Fancy Decor: Satie Mug (with coffee)
Fancy Decor: Satie Cream & Sugar
Fancy Decor: Satie Sugar & Sugar
Fancy Decor: Satie Coffee Pods (special gold edition)

Fancy Decor:  @UBER

Fancy Decor: TV Console
Fancy Decor: Black Bowl
Fancy Decor: Marble Discs

Granola. Harmony Incense Collection @Equal10

Harmony Crystal Incense Holder
Harmony Matches
Harmony Palo Santo Incense Holder
Harmony Sloth Incense Holder
Sandalwoodi Incense

Granola. Potted Pachyphytum. @Eggapalooza

Granola Potted Pachyphytum. Prints.
Granola. Potted Pachyphytum. Solids.

[Rezz Room] European Cat Adult Animesh (Companion) @Equal10

Serenity Style Wrangler Couch[ADULT] @Man Cave

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