Diary Post

Flowers will iluminate these days…

“Light up tomorrow with today!”

Flowers will iluminate these days...

Apple Fall /West Village

Apple Fall Book Collection 2 – Collection
Apple Fall Books – Arrangements 1-4

Fancy Decor Thomas Collection @Fameshed New!!!

Fancy Decor Baskets
Fancy Decor Book Stack
Fancy Decor Cart Console
Fancy Decor Lamp
Fancy Decor Mirror
Fancy Decor Trough with Stones

-Hisa- Newland House @Fameshed New!!!

Kalopsia Marilyn’s Set includes

Kalopsia – Noir Sofa PG/Adult
Kalopsia – Caged Planter Gold (Bronze and Silver)
Kalopsia – Marble Table (The pieces under table can be moved around by editing linked or unlinking them!)

KraftWork Florist Set @Fameshed New!!!

KraftWork Florist . Tray Console
KraftWork Florist . Large Cooler Planter with Peonies . Orange/White/Rose
KraftWork Florist . Cooler Planter with Peonies . Rose/Orange/White
KraftWork Florist . Eucalyptus Urn
KraftWork Florist . Candle Holder
KraftWork Florist . Bird Cage . Rose GIFT

Loft & Aria Remington Chair Adult @Fameshed New!!!

Loft & Aria – Lugano Dining Chair – White

MADRAS Ooty Tea Set @Fameshed New!!!

Madras Ele-Planter
Madras Elephant Tea Cup
Madras tea bags
Madras sugar cup (Gift)
Madras tea containers

MERAK Spring Florals Pillows @Fameshed New!!!

MudHoney Milo Drapes @Fameshed New!!!

[Rezz Room] German Shepherd Adult Animesh (Companion)

                  [Rezz Room] Box German Shepherd Puppy (Companion)  @Access Event New!!!

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