Diary Post

Sweet afternoon tea…

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing” (Fred Shero)
Relax, criticism always accompanies the people who are constantly producing.

Sweet afternoon tea...

Ayla. French Entryway @Collabor88 New!!!

Ayla. French Entryway – Portrait Frame
Ayla. French Entryway – White Console
Ayla. French Entryway – Stool
Ayla. French Entryway – Candelabra w/Pearl Necklace

Disorderly Mkp Raspberry Marie Set @Collabor88 New!!!

DISORDERLY.. / Raspberry Marie / Cake
DISORDERLY. / Raspberry Marie / Eclairs
DISORDERLY./ Raspberry Marie / Macarons
DISORDERLY. / Raspberry Marie / Cookies

Fancy Decor Classic Wall Panel Kit @Collabor88 New!!!

MERAK Marie’s Tea Party! @Collabor88 New!!!

.random.Matter. Queen’s Dining Fatpack  @Collabor88 New!!!

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