Diary Post

Time to plant my seeds

“The day you plant your seed is not the day you eat the fruit”

Time to plant my seeds

Ayla. @The Arcade New!!!

1. Ayla. Homegrown – Shed RARE
2. Ayla. Homegrown – Gardening Chair RARE
3. Ayla. Homegrown – Wooden Table
4. Ayla. Homegrown – Tool Rack
5. Ayla. Homegrown – Vegetable Basket
6. Ayla. Homegrown – Firewood Bucket
7. Ayla. Homegrown – Old Mailbox
9. Ayla. Homegrown – Birdhouse Lantern (hanging)
10. Ayla. Homegrown – Hanging Plant (red)

Ayla. DIY Plant Stands @Anthem

Ayla. DIY Plant Stands – Book Plant Stand
Ayla. DIY Plant Stands – Carrot Plant Stand 
Ayla. DIY Plant Stands – Picket Fence Plant Stand

DaD “Vintage Potting Bench” @FaMESHed (on the back complete, then i use items separete) New!!!

HpMd Shrubs

InsurreKtion (at the store)

[IK] Greenhouse Set – Bucket
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Garden Tools
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Pallets
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Pots A-B-C
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Sacks A-B
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Seed Envelopes
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Seedbed A-B-C
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Tools Rack
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Trash Can
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Watering Can A-B
[IK] Greenhouse Set – Wheelbarrow

reBourne Prefabs Industrial Lamps (8 textures to choose from and 2 bonus textures in the fatpacks. no copy/copy options. 3 chain lengths)@TMD New!!!

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