Diary Post

Esos dias de verano…

“Desarrolla una actitud de gratitud y agradece todo lo que te pasa, pues cada paso te acerca a alcanzar algo más grande, que es mejor a tu situación actual”

Brian Tracy

Esos dias de verano...

Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

Head  LeLutka Erin New Evolution Bento

Skin Glam Affair Adele

Glasses Noir – Rafaela @Belle Events New!!!

Dress Dead Doll Manila Dress (fitted for Maitreya & Legacy- 16 color options for straps and lace trim on Fatpack and single packs) @Uber New!!!

Hair  Tableau Vivant Sommer @Summerfest´20 New!!!

Pose Luane’s World Bento Poses “Leap Of Faith”. Including mesh stepstone, summer hat, and slippers props @Belle Event New!!!

:Fanatik Architecture Animated palm trees 

KraftWork Matcha Beach Shack @Summerfest´20 New!!!

KraftWork Summer Shack . Beach Hammock ADULT
KraftWork Summer Shack . Beach Sandals Hers
KraftWork Summer Shack . Beach Sandals His
KraftWork Summer Shack . Coconut Water
KraftWork Summer Shack . Lifeguard Chair
KraftWork Summer Shack . No Problem Sign
KraftWork Summer Shack . Paper Lamp Yellow
KraftWork Summer Shack . Pineapple Drink
KraftWork Summer Shack . Rolled Beach Mat
KraftWork Summer Shack . Shark Sign
KraftWork Summer Shack . Stool
KraftWork Summer Shack . Summer Hat & Towel

Little Branch

LB_LipstickPalm.v1{Animated} @Summerfest ’20 New!!!
LB_LipstickPalm.v3{Animated} @Summerfest ’20 New!!!
LB_LipstickPalm.v4{Animated}@Summerfest ’20 New!!!
LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B @Summerfest ’20 New!!!

MADRAS Sea Breeze Compass @Summerfest ’20 New!!!


O.M.E.N – Beachside Picnic – Fruit & Cheese Tray
O.M.E.N – Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Bottle
O.M.E.N – Beachside Picnic – Steller Beer Glass
O.M.E.N – Summer Time – Deli Sandwich

 RAINDALE @Summerfest ’20 New!!!

Raindale – SunsetShore beach shower – adult
Raindale – SunsetShore privacy screen

What Next

{what next} Lemonade Stand Lights
{what next} Lemonade Cups Decor
{what next} Lemonade Dispenser
{what next} Lemonade Stand Lights
{what next} Lemons Decor
{what next} Strawberries Decor
{what next} Strawberry Lemonade Cups Decor
{what next} Strawberry Lemonade Dispenser

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