Diary Post

The retirement for summer…

 “If we exaggerate our joys, as we do with our sorrows, our problems would lose importance”

Anatole France

Summer retirement...

Ayla @The Epiphany @The Epiphany mirror sim

1. Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Beach Cabin w/Porch RARE
10. Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Beach Bag
3. Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Beach Chaise
4. Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Beach Chaise w/Pillows
5. Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Crate w/Lanterns
6. Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Stack of Pillows (green)
8. Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Ceramic Side Table (black)


Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Concrete Weight w/ Oar
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Framed Map
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Oar
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Round Lantern (red)
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Ship Wheel w/ Anchor
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Simple Lantern (red)
Ayla. Nautical Refuge – Travellers Junk
Ayla. Summer’s Rest – Table w/Lanterns EXCLUSIVE

Little Branch


Serenity Style- Wooden POLE STEPS
Serenity Style- Wooden POLE STRAIGHT
Serenity Style- Wooden Path CURVE2
{YD} Shepard Pool – Towel
{YD} Shepard Pool – Drinks
{YD} Shepard Pool – Flip Flops {Blue}
{YD} Shepard Pool – Flip Flops {Pink}
{YD} Shepard Pool – Glasses & sunscreen
{YD} Shepard Pool – Hang lamp
{YD} Shepard Pool – Lantern
{YD} Shepard Pool – Pool Floats {Rotation}
{YD} Shepard pool – Pool A

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