Diary Post

A spa type bathroom

Lives give you plenty of time to do whatever you want if you stay in the present moment.

Deepak Chopra

A spa type bathroom

DaD Designs DaD “Vintage Succulent Planters” Marketplace @Collabor88 New!!!

DaD “Vintage Succulent Sink Planter” c/m v.1.0
DaD “Vintage Succulent Bathtub Planter” c/m v.1.0

DaD Designs Driftwood Sailboat Gacha @Anthem

 DISORDERLY. Fairy Lanterns Gold @Collabor88 New!!!

ChiMia The Magic Mirrow @Collabor88 New!!!

Dust Bunny

dust bunny & con . lauren bathroom . vanity basket
dust bunny . lauren bathroom . bathtub caddy
dust bunny . lauren bathroom . hamper
dust bunny . lauren bathroom . hanging robe . a
dust bunny . lauren bathroom . rug . white
dust bunny . lauren bathroom . toothbrush holder

Fancy Decor @Collabor88 New!!!

Fancy Decor: Richards Candle
Fancy Decor: Richards Side Table
Fancy Decor: Richards Wingback Chair – brown (pg)

 Granola.   Cosmia Bath Collection @FameshedX

Ionic Chill Out @Equal 10 Event

ionic : Chill out – (for 2)
ionic : Chill out – (for 3)
ionic : Color candles
ionic : Creatures from the sea – (hanging plants)
ionic : Geometry balance – plant
ionic : Monstera deliciosa
ionic : Painted plant – magenta
ionic : Painted plant – orange
ionic : Painted plant – Yellow

Kalopsia – Luna’s Hanging Light (Large Group) @Collabor88 New!!!


{moss&mink} Bathroom Basket
{moss&mink} Bathroom Canisters
{moss&mink} Heart mirror & Brush
{moss&mink} Tiffany Facecloth
{moss&mink} Tiffany Towel Rack

MudHoney Marketplace Landon Hot Tub

[Rezz Room] Dachshund Puppy and Adult Animesh (Companion to wear or rezz (idle, follow, wander)4 different Fur Colors, Static Poses @Equal10 Event

{What Next} Balboa set

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