Diary Post

Un pequeño espacio

“What we know is a drop of water; what we ignore is the ocean”

Isaac Newton

Un pequeño espacio

Fancy Decor Kemsley Collection @FaMESHed

Fancy Decor: Kemsley Artwork (texture change)
Fancy Decor: Kemsley Bowl
Fancy Decor: Kemsley Concrete Console
Fancy Decor: Kemsley Lamp

Fancy Decor Teddi Collection @Uber

Fancy Decor: Teddi Canvas
Fancy Decor: Teddi Console
Fancy Decor: Teddi Lamp
Fancy Decor: Teddi Vase

Granola.   Anna Collection @Equal10

Granola. Anna Bench. White/Gold. PG.
Granola. Anna Deco Tray.
Granola. Anna Glass Candle. Lime.
Granola. Anna Potted Echeveria.
Granola. Anna Pumpkin Clove Diffuser.

Granola. Gypsy Soul Blanket Pile1.
Granola. Gypsy Soul Pillow V1. Cream.
Granola. Gypsy Soul Pillow V2.Grey.

Granola. Olivia set @FaMESHed

Granola. Olivia Accent Table Choco.
Granola. Olivia Craspedia White.
Granola. Olivia Sofa. Mono PG1.

{moss&mink} Desk Pretties @Kustom9

{moss&mink} Bella Desk & Bookcase

{moss&mink} Desk Clutter Pack (Neutral) @Kustom9

{moss&mink} Desk Caddy (Neutral)
{moss&mink} Files (Neutral)
{moss&mink} Flamingo Tape (Neutral)
{moss&mink} Notebook & Pens (Neutral)
{moss&mink} Planner (Neutral)
{moss&mink} Postits & Highlighters (Neutral)
{moss&mink} Stapler (Neutral)
{moss&mink} Summers End – Books 1
{moss&mink} Summers End – Books 2
{moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 1
{moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 2
{moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 3
{moss&mink} Summers End – Palm Tray
{moss&mink} Summers End – Rose Vase & Books
{moss&mink} Summers End – Stone Fruit

 Serenity Style The Lost Time Backdrop @The Liaison Collaborative

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