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What do you wish for Christmas!

Christmas Chimes Story

Sweetly through the night, comes the distant chime of bells,
Hark, and hear the story that their joyous pealing tells;
Like the song of angels, to us mortals given,
Comes the silver music, sounding through the star-crowned Heav’n.

List! The happy music makes all nature sound,
Hear the answering hill-tops in echo sweet resound;
‘Tis of One they sing, One of lowly birth,
Who left a crown of glory, and came to sinful earth.

Now they tell the tale of shepherds from afar,
Watching through the dark night to see the glittering star;
Now they tell the story, of the wondrous love
Of Him, who lived and suffered, the Great King above.

Chime, ye bells of Heav’n, o’er the sleeping earth,
Let your tongues sing out the story of the heavenly birth;
Chime throughout the long night, nor cease your joyful lay,
Chime until the awaking of the glorious day.

What do you wish for Christmas!

!13ACT @Santa Inc

!13ACT – Christmas Pillow – #Gift1 (click to change textures)
!13ACT – Christmas Pillow #Gift 2
!13ACT – Christmas Pillow #Gift 3
!13ACT – Christmas wreath – FP bonus 3 (Decor)

 BALACLAVA!! @Santa Inc

BALACLAVA!! Merry Merry Snowmen
BALACLAVA!! Nutcracker Soldiers
BALACLAVA!! Nutcracker Soldiers

BackBone @Santa Inc

BackBone Pretty Present – Holiday 1
BackBone Pretty Present – Holiday 2
BackBone Pretty Present – Holiday 3
BackBone Pretty Present – Holiday 4

crate @Santa Inc

crate DIY Ladder Christmas Trees – Colors
crate Golden Table Tree

: CULT : Dear Santa – Unrigged @Santa Inc


DISORDERLY. / Presently Xmas / Stacked Presents
DISORDERLY. / Presently Xmas / Tilted Presents
DISORDERLY. / Presently Xmas / Upright Presents

Hisa – Pine View Cabin – LOD4

  +Half-Deer+ @Santa Inc

+Half-Deer+ XXXtra Festive Silicone Tree – Green – Medium
+Half-Deer+ XXXtra Festive Silicone Tree – Green – Short

 KraftWork Hanging Sled Decor . Red @Santa Inc

 Lucas Lameth (Luc.) Mexican Hot Chocolate  @Collabor88

MADRAS @Tannenbaum

MADRAS Oh Deer Sled
MADRAS Walking in a Winter Sled
MADRAS Wooden Nativity Statue Decor

MudHoney  FaMESHed X

MudHoney Holly Art
MudHoney Holly Candle
MudHoney Holly Daybed Adult – Fatpack
MudHoney Holly End Table

 Raindale @Santa Inc

Raindale – Holibell snowman
Raindale – Holibell snowman with gift

YOKAI @Santa Inc

YOKAI – Plushy Christmas Tree (Santa)
YOKAI – Winter Magic Cup – Nice Reward

Your Dreams Merry Christmas Tree – Red one ornament

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