Being Sexy in SL

Still winter out there

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is good to remember every so often that nothing really worth knowing can be taught” Oscar Wilde

Still winter out there!

[ba] @Collabor88

[ba] weathered gazebo
[ba] weathered gazebo – snowcap

brocante. @Collabor88

brocante. drum table
brocante. fireside lounger / snow

DaD “ Les Memoires Christmas Tree + Ornamental Deer”  @Uber 

DaD “Les Memoires Christmas Tree Skirt Cream” c/m
DaD “Les Memoires Christmas Tree” unlinked
DaD “Les Memoires Ornamental Fawn curledR”
DaD “Les Memoires Ornamental Stand Deer
DaD “Les Memoires Ornamental seat Deer

Foxes +Half-Deer+ – Arctic Fox  @Collabor88


HISA – Snow Mound 3
HISA – Snow Mound 4
HISA – Snow Pile 1
HISA – Snow Pile 2
HISA – Snow Pile Corner
HISA – Snow Pile Side 1
HISA – Snow Pile Side 2
HISA – Winter Grass
HISA – Winter Grass with shrubbery
HISA – Winter bush 1
HISA – Winter bush 2
HISA – Winter bush 4
HISA – Winter shrubbery 1
HISA – Winter shrubbery 2
HISA – Winter small grass clump

 Little Branch  MkP Wild Banyan Tree @Sense Event 

NOMAD @Collabor88

NOMAD // Icicles Horizontal A
NOMAD // Icicles Horizontal B
NOMAD // Icicles Horizontal C
NOMAD // Icicles Soft Slant A
NOMAD // Icicles Soft Slant B
NOMAD // Icicles Soft Slant C

REZZ ROOM Reindeer Adult Animesh (Companion) and Reindeer Baby Animesh (Companion) @MAN CAVE

Serenity Style  Mkp

Serenity Style- Enchanting Deer [plaid scarf]
Serenity Style- Enchanting Deer [red scarf]

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