Diary Post

There are gifts for everyone!

“Beautiful old Christmas, with her hair covered in snow and her face ruddy, had done her duty that year in the noblest way, unleashing her rich gifts of warmth and color in all the increasing contrast of frost and snow. “
George eliot

There are gifts for everyone!

8f8 Retracing Joy @The Epiphany 

01_8F8– Retracing Joy – Pillowtree RARE
02_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Pillownest RARE
03_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Red & White Essentials
04_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Time Essentials
05_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Afternoon Essentials
06_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Bathroom Essentials
07_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Decoration Essentials
08_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Gourmet Essentials
09_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Knitting Essentials
10_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Living Essentials
11_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Magic Essentials
12_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Play Essentials
13_8f8 – Retracing Joy – Sewing Essentials
8f8 – Retracing Joy – Salud! EXCLUSIVE
8f8 – Retracing Joy – Potica VIP

dust bunny & con  tinsel living room @Anthem

Half Deer Winter Woodland Terrarium @Santa Inc

Moss & Mink Golden Winter Collection I @Santa Inc

Golden Winter Deer (Sitting)
Golden Winter Deer (Standing)
Felt Tree
Golden Winter Tapestry
Golden Winter Tapestry
Golden Winter Cloche
Golden Winter Acorn Jug
Golden Confetti

Moss & Mink Golden Winter Collection II @FaMESHed

Mega Baubles – Gold
Gingerbread House Display
Festive Mirror
Mallory Console Table

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