Diary Post

A zen office

“Even if you feel lost and without strength, remember that each day can be the beginning of something wonderful. Do not give up.”

A Zen office

DaD @Anthem 

DaD “Mandala Pillow ALL COLORS” -a- c/m
DaD “Mandala Wall Tapestry ALL COLORS” c/m

Fancy Decor Marbled Tea Set @Collabor88 

Fancy Decor: Marbled Tea Set – white
Fancy Decor: Marbled Teacup – white
Fancy Decor: Marbled Teacup – white – full
Fancy Decor: Marbled Teapot – white (touch for tea)

Granola. Jade Sun Palms. Rose. (modify)

hive // leather tote . white
hive // mass canes plant

loft & ARIA – Troubadour Rug

Mithral * Branch Wall Display (White Ceramic)

Moss&Mink @Kustom9

{moss&mink} Layla Chair
{moss&mink} Layla Desk
{moss&mink} Layla Lamp
{moss&mink} Layla Shelves
{moss&mink} Midas – Book Ends
{moss&mink} Midas – Diffuser
{moss&mink} Midas – Leaf Sculpture
{moss&mink} Midas – Omega Sculpture
{moss&mink} Midas – Palm w/Books
{moss&mink} Midas – Stone Fruit
{moss&mink} Midas – Twist Sculpture
{moss&mink} Midas – Vine Planter

More Moss&Mink

{moss&mink} Aries Framed Prints
{moss&mink} Desk Caddy (Pastel)
{moss&mink} Files (Pastel)
{moss&mink} Geo Computer (Pink)
{moss&mink} Geo Keyboard (Pink)
{moss&mink} Geo Mousepad (Pink)
{moss&mink} Geo Speaker L (Pink)
{moss&mink} Geo Speaker R (Pink)
{moss&mink} Motivational Print A
{moss&mink} Motivational Print B
{moss&mink} Motivational Print C
{moss&mink} Notebook & Pens (Pastel)
{moss&mink} Planner (Pastel) LI:1
{moss&mink} Postits & Highlighters (Pastel)
{moss&mink} Stapler (Pastel)
{moss&mink} Summers End – Books 1
{moss&mink} Summers End – Books 2
{moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 1
{moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 2
{moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 3
{moss&mink} Summers End – Rose Vase & Books

Pitaya – Elegant pouf White L

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